Animes with Swag- [K]

As much as I hate the word swag this Anime is glistening in it. The plot line is a bit hard to summarize but here it goes. The anime is set in a city where there are 7 kings who each have a sort of power , some of these kings are leaders of gangs whilst others are mysterious and keep to themselves. A boy gets drawn into a feud amongst these two kings when he is accused of killing a member of the red gang (HOMRA.)

Here are some of the characters:

Yashiro Isana


This is the main character, the one who gets accused of killing the HOMRA member. I’m not a huge fan but I’ll admit he’s very important to the story, when you find his secret (which he doesn’t even know himself) it’ll blow your mind. He is the type of character whose google search results in fan made yaoi.

Kuroh Yatogami


Don’t let his pretty face fool you, Kuroh is some crazy piece of man. After reading the manga in which he is the main character (K Stray Dog Story, read it here) I wanted to he became one of my favourite characters. He has one goal, to fulfill his masters’ wish and kill the colorless king. He’s a beast of a swordsman and has a well known power that people fear.



Neko is Yashiro’s cat…no joke. You shouldn’t be too surprised if you watch too much anime. She is definitely a character for the boys because for pretty much the first half of the anime she barely wears clothes.

Now for the swag

Yata Misaki


This guy…you either love him or you both hate and love him. Yata is a temper-mental, bad ass character with attitude, probably one of my favourites. He’s also one of the characters with more of a personality, he’s cool but gets nervous around girls. He’s seriously dedicated to the gang, here‘s a scene which sums out his attitude.

Saruhiko Fushimi


As slick as he looks, Fushimi is insane, like mad crazy. He is blood thirsty, cruel and gets overly excited over violent events.  He’s an ex member of HOMRA who recently joined their rivals,  the Blue gang. He also used to be Yata’s close friend and you’ll see a whole lotta conflict (and yaoi on google) between these too.

Reisi Munakata


Munakata is the king of the blue gang which means him and Suoh are rivals. They also have a love/hate relationship (more hate). All they want to do is destroy each other which leads to an unexpected ending, Munakata is another chill/cool guy. You’ll probably get him mixed up with Fushimi because they are almost identical.

And last but not least…Mikoto Suoh


Suoh, I don’t know where to start. He’s the leader of HOMRA/red gang He has the cool guy personality, he barely talks and when he does it’s something cool. He is probably my favourite character, he (like most cool guys) has a weakness which troubles him throughout the anime. Although you wouldn’t expect it, Suoh is very caring and kind making him an even greater character. This video shows him off in all his intensity.

Those were only a few of the characters, there are plenty more characters in the anime that make it even greater, this anime is mostly criticized for its lack of character development, in its defense the anime is a short 12 episodes long and manages to tell a great story in those 12 episodes. There will be a second season therefore hopefully more character development.

This anime has swag because of the crazy lighting effects, camera angles, soundtrack, characters and setting. The are rarely any animes that are based on gangs that have a deep story line (I’m talking almost Death Note deep) and unique effects that hook you in as soon as you watch it.


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