My feelings about Naruto right now

Naruto, Naruto, Naruto…Naruto was the first manga I’ve ever gotten into, it’s funny, cool and intense but recently I’m  not so into it it anymore. Either than the fact that most of my favourite characters have been killed off I’ve stopped reading/watching Naruto because of the boring long ass war scenes. Before I continue I don’t mean that I don’t like fighting scenes, I mean I don’t like all that in between stuff that takes up half the episodes/chapters. Honestly, each chapter is about preparing an attacking move and in the end of the chapter the attack doesn’t work. I’m not impressed. I’m not saying could knock out that big ass jinchuriki thing, like props to them all but can we skip all that and get to the fighting?!


Leading up to the war I got too excited, I spent days and nights reading to this great event thinking it would be the craziest thing ever and instead I get flashbacks. I honestly looooove Naruto with a passion, the characters are amazing, and so is the story but the anime and manga are turning me off. My obsession with Sausuke is probably the only thing keeping me going right now to be honest so as much as I’m slowly disliking the anime I’ll probably keep watching it.


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